GlossyBox March - The Harrods Edition

Look what came Knock Knock Knocking on my door on the 12th of March! Im a sucker for a spoiler so i already knew way in advance that this months GlossyBox was a Special one and they had teamed up with Harrods.
After seeing some ambassadors for Glossybox put pictures and reviews of what they got on their blogs i was pretty hopeful and the excitement grew ... i longed for the Burberry lipstick which i seen in all the blogs i had looked at.

However what you want and what you get are two different things ....

in my box i recieved ...

Vanitas Versace Eau de Parfum  - i am rather fond of trying new fragrances and after recieving Illamasqua Freak in my previous GlossyBox i was quiet excited to try this. It comes in a beautiful golden cardboard box, it looks really classy and elegant.

The perfume opens with a number of floral notes which is very pleasant to the senses. Though a little loud initially, it soon settles down.The perfume stays on for 2-3 hours after which people near by you can’t smell it, but the fragrance stays on the clothes for good few more hours. The staying power is okay as compared to other Versace perfumes which I have tried. Don’t know about purchase this perfume as I have a lot of other names in mind to try.

Bliss body Butter -  I had never really considered Bliss as a “luxury” product, so I was a bit surprised when I received this Blood Orange and White Pepper Body Butter in my box. It was a strange combination but it’s actually just a light orangey fragrance which is always nice and refreshing!

Revive Intensite Creme Lustre SPF30 its £235 for 60ml. This is an anti-ageing product which i was shocked to find in my box as im only 18! It feels light and non greasy, but I’ve yet to try it out properly so I’ll keep you all posted!

 Lancome Juicy Tube in Toffee - It's the original squeezy tube lipgloss with slanted applicator.The glosses are quite thick, smooth and extremely glassy-glossy and it is scented. i was quite dissappointed with this being in my box as i keep getting lipglosses!

Clarins Firming Body Cream -   I’m not a fan of body creams in all honestly, they sound great but I’ve never really seen any visible difference, I’m obviously going to try this offering from Clarins but I’m not getting my hopes up.


All in all i loved the lush monochrome box but all the hype about the harrods box was an exaggeration in my eyes i was quite dissappointed in the box after all two anti-age creams and a lipgloss in nude like the past two boxes i felt let down by GlossyBox as i feel they never even looked at my beauty profile.

What did you think about this months GlossyBox ???


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  1. I have never had a glossy box before, they look fab, the harrods edition has had alot of hype, some people got better stuff than others, I suppose its just the luck of the draw xx