My Love for Nails Inc

Nails inc was founded in 1999 by british entrepreneur Thea Green. At £11 a polish my love began to grow!

over the past two months i have bought 15 polishes; chandos place, strawberry hill, paris(dietcokeLE), lancaster gate, OMP!, atomic, oxford circus, malibu - cosmo, mojito and maliblush, milner street, wimbledon, cambridge, richmond and oxford.

where do i keep them? ... 

... my glossy box of course! (one glossy box is able to hold 28 nails inc polishes) Perfect storage solution i think!

nails inc oxford (above)

would you like to see any the other colours i have? if so please leave a comment and as soon as i can i will upload a picture like above.

Whats your favourite nails inc shade?

pretty polished xoxoxo


  1. love that blue colour:) looks fab! great idea!


  2. Thank you :)!x if you like pastel colours Oxford (blue) and Oxford circus (pink) are the ones to go for xoxox
    I'll pop over to your blog soon x x