well happy valentines day ladies .....
as  always my man SPOILT me! this year he had no help from his mother (so im well proud of him)
i was at work and i had just finished telling the girls there wouldnt be anything special this valentines since we were 'just doing cards', when my deputy manager walked through the door with a huge black box from interflora and said "its for you".  

a bouquet a red roses.

when i arrived back to his  after work he gave me the sweetest wee card he had picked out...
he even wrote his own little verse inside! Too give it a more personal touch x

i got a compare the meerkat alexander toy as i think theyre so sweet (i already own two other ones) and taken out for a meal.

getting glammed up! ...

i wore a red dress from h&m, black court shoes from newlook and a black cardigan from F&F.

makeup ...

an essential for any screen goddess, illamasqua matt helps create a flawless shine-free base. for use under foundation or on its own, this proffessional cream formula contains uva and uvb filters and gives skin an even matt finish.prepare to impress.
it costs £19.50 for a 30ml tube. it comes out as a white creamy formula but applies evenly and you get a better result using a foundation brush rather than your finger tips.i really liked this primer it took away the shiney look i sometimes end up with and kept my make up on longer! worth it girlies!
Luxurious flawless coverage with a weightless feel. suitable for sentisive skin. wont clog pores. oil free!
it costs £9.99 for a 30ml tube, however Boots usually do 3 for 2 offer. i get this in beige linen 50. i am quiet pale skin so i wanted a foundation that looks natural and flawless and this little highstreet beauty does the trick! i like it because its very light and you can build up the colour. a little amount goes a long way but id definetly recommend wearing a primer underneath just so it lasts longer throughout the day without needing touch ups.
Provides a powder and makeup. can be used as portable make up or finishing powder over make up base. matte finish, non-comedogenic.
it costs £21.00 for 10g i use colour matte beige. offers flawless coverage although it doesnt last along time.

gives cheeks and brows a subtle, radiant sheen.
it costs £9.00 for 22g. you get quality for your money with these face pearls. they are great for highlighting and also giving a lovely subtle glowing colour to your cheeks and it can be built uo to your liking.

illuminate radiate make your face come alive with the colour and drama of Illamasqua Powder Blusher. Colour-intense and highly pigmented, use it to shad, brighten, enhance and define the shape of your face. Be bold, be daring, be the centre of attention.
it costs £16.50 for 4.5g. i use the colour kiss. would definetley reccommend this blush as its vibrant and long lasting.

bring a room to its knees without saying a word. each of these glorious colours makes a statement that is as individual as you are. highly pigmented, these long-lasting colours ensure all-night intensity. experiment and be bold.
it costs £15.50 for 2g. i have this in lestat and synth. these eyeshadows need no introduction, i used the lighter colour upto my brows for a two-toned look.

a liquid pen style liner that provides the ultimate precise, bold line in a rich, deep carbon black shade. goes on fluidly in one steady stroke to any style any fashion of eye line.
it costs £15.00 for 1g. very precise and great colour love it!

Mac Lipstick -
colour plus texture for lips. stands out on the runway. simmers on the street. what made MAC famous.
it costs £13.50 for 3g i wore Milan Mode - its highly pigmented, creamy and lasts all day!

this costs £50 for 50ml bottle. this perfume has such a gorgeous smell which isnt over powering. the bottle is so pretty id reccommend this to anyone looking for a fab new fragrance.

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We went to a gorgeous italian called ~ La Favorita in Edinburgh which we went to on our first date back in 2009. we recieved a complimentry cocktail on entry and we then had a 3 course meal and drinks. i tried their innocent passion non alcholic cocktail and it was very yummy! after we got the bill we recieved two little balls which when you opened them they had a heart chocolate inside! really nice touch to the end of the meal, i'd recommend anyone to try this restaurant as the staff are very socialable and friendly and the food is gorgeous and it doesnt take long for it to arrive!

 i had a fabulous Valentines day how did yours go? xx



  1. That sounds so so lovely :)

    Your boyfriend is a sweetheart!

    Glad you had such a lovely surprise and evening!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

    1. Thanks hun x
      Hope you had a good V Day too :) xoxo

  2. I love your blog! I followed! I would love it if you could check out my blog and follow me? Thanks so much!

    1. Awww! That was so sweet of him! :)

      My Valentine's was a little bit sad since my boyfriend is in another country and we were dealing with 13hour time difference and his studies. We just went on a Skype date for a couple of hours. Talked a lot, gave virtual hugs and kisses and he made a little shrine of our picture and took a photo of it and sent it to me with a message. :) That's how my Valentine's went.

    2. Aw that's lovely! It just shows what true love is made of being in different countries and still able to work out how to spend valentines together! :) xoxo

  3. lucky girl got spoilt heaps! we just celebrated with dinner and a movie!

    1. i think as long as you enjoy yourself thats all that matters! xoxo

  4. Me and my boyfriend don't celebrate this here in Germany, it's just a day that some stores invented to make money lol ^^

    But if you had fun together that's wonderful :)

    Strange Obsessions